Dream a little beaded dream

Posted by maggieroschyk
on Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, here we are, smack dab at the beginning of a new year and a new decade. Since we’re all anticipating what comes next, I wonder, where are you on the beading continuum? Are you new to our world? If so, welcome to a truly amazing and beautiful way of creating jewelry!

As we start the new year, I’d like to share some things I hope to accomplish. I’m not one for resolutions, so let’s work around that term. (After existing on a diet of Stollen and Kringle for the month of December, it’s a waste of time for me to swear off all heavily sugared, chocolated, or caffeinated goodies.) I do think January presents a golden opportunity to set goals, finish projects, and dream a little. And yes, you read that right: dream a little. I’ll get back to the dreamy part, but let’s get down to business first.

Here’s my short list of beading goals; you might find them helpful when setting your own.

  • Organize, organize, get it together. Do you spend more time looking for "that" tube of beads than the time it takes to make a necklace? I could write a whole article on the merits of organizing your bead stash (Bead&Button editors, hint, hint!) So ask yourself, what’s better, hunting for your crimping pliers with a crazed look OR calmly enjoying the gratification of creating jewelry? That’s an easy one. I got it! A new mantra for this year: Know thyself, know thy bead stash!   By the way, I organized my hanks of beads.  Check out the picture on this blog.  Now, instead of hiding in a box, my hanks are visible and will make it easier when I am putting colors together. 
  • Shop at Maggie’s Bead Store aka the pile of beads that I already own. Instead of bingeing on beads and buying duplicates, review your bead stash before going to the "other" bead stores. I tell myself that achieving this goal will be waaaay easier if I do the work and organize my bead stash. Confession time: I’ve bought the same tube of seed beads three times at different bead stores. Yes, I’m on a shame spiral. This year, I will make and keep a list of seed beads I already own. To thine own bead stash be true.
  • Try new colors and stitches. We all get in ruts. In 2010 I’m leaving my comfort zone for new color ways and stitches. Will I share these adventures with my talented and gracious readers? You betcha! This leads me to another worthy goal.
  •  Learn new techniques. Are ideas for beaded creations floating around in your mind? What’s blocking you from realizing your visions? Insecure about your skills? Let me say right now, you’ve got mad skills! Honestly, look at the gallery on the BeadAndButton.com forum. You’re all very talented! But, do you need to learn new stitches in order to create a fabulous idea that has been tickling your brain? You can always attend a class at a bead show or shop. If you can come to the Midwest in June, the Bead&Button Show has more than 500 classes to choose from (really, I know, it’s amazing). Either way, pick up the latest copy of Bead&Button and I guarantee that by the time you’re finished reading it, inspiration and technical knowhow will be knocking at your door, metaphorically speaking.
  • Dream, contemplate, and dream some more! Do you swoon over beading around cabachons? Are you totally besotted with intricate beaded beads? Why not try to create your best work ever. I bet you’ve got some new ideas and styles whirling around in your mind right now. Is it possible to dream it and create it? Absolutely! This goal is so much better than sorting through tiny bags of fire-polished beads. Sketch your burning beaded desires and then get busy stitching! Let’s make a pact together to sketch designs and collect inspirations all year.

Did I overlook something? Should I add more goals to my list? Comments – please! Share your creativity goals with the rest of us. I love reading all the wisdom in the comments section.  

Much gratitude, Maggie.

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