It's National Beading Week!

Posted 3 days ago by Julia Gerlach
Our bead family in the UK has declared July 25–August 2 to be National Beading week, so we are getting in on the fun by offering a different UK-designed free project every day from our archives. We're kicking off the festivities with Kerrie' Slade's "Floral Fantasy," shown above. Click here to download it now! As I mentioned in a previous blog, we also have a kit for this project assembled and ready to give away at the end of the week. Click here for info on how to get a chance to win. ...

Deco Egyptian bracelet celebration

Posted 5 days ago by Cassie Donlen
As soon as Colleen Ewart, owner of Island Cove Beads and Gallery located in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, received news that her Deco Egyptian bracelet was selected for publication in Bead&Button, she just knew that a party with an Egyptian theme was in order. And party they did! The “Bead like an Egyptian” celebration took place on Saturday night, July 18, at Island Cove Beads to celebrate the release of the August 2015 issue of Bead&Button magazine featuring Colleen’s...

Bead-It-Forward auction

Posted 7 days ago by Connie W
The Bead-It-Forward auction is up and ready for bids! This year’s theme is Animals: Wild About Finding a Cure. Amy Severino took over the Bead-It-Forward project from Bead&Button last year and has done a wonderful job! Amy received more than 1200 squares from all over the world, and is in the process of creating beautiful items incorporating all of the squares. Each square can take hours to make, and every one is a labor of love. Most of us have been touched by breast cancer in one ...

Using Buttons in Jewelry

Posted 8 days ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
Vintage beads attract a lot of interest, the new shaped beads attract a lot of interest, and findings and tools can attract a lot of interest from beaders. But what kind of interest is there about buttons and how are they used in beadwork? One member of the bead society of New Hampshire has an antique button collection. She did a presentation to the society on the history of buttons and showed us how beautiful the antique finds could be. There are groups that get together to discuss, share and e...

Celebrate National Beading Week - and win a beading kit!

Posted 14 days ago by Julia Gerlach
We learned about the UK's National Beading Week just a few days before reading Kerrie Slade's post, and even though the festivities won't be on our home turf, we thought it would be fun to get involved! And what better way than to feature the fabulous UK designers that have generously shared their talents in the pages of Bead&Button over the years? So from July 25-August 2, we will be sharing a different UK-designed project from our archives for free each day. Come back to our home page (www...

National Beading Week!

Posted 15 days ago by Kerrie Slade
There’s quite a buzz going on in bead circles here in the UK at the moment as the first ever National Beading Week takes place this year. The event has been organised by The Beadworkers Guild to celebrate all things beady and to help spread the word about the wonderful world of beads. The fun starts on July 25th and runs until August 2nd and there are all sorts of exciting things planned up and down the country, including contests, taster sessions, special offers, giveaways, workshops and ...

How to read our secret (but not really so secret) beading project item # codes

Posted 17 days ago by Cassie Donlen
I saw a cute post on a bead weaving forum not too long ago that gave me a chuckle. The post was a revelation of how a reader figured out the secret to our numbering system to individual projects in our Jewelry&Beading Store. Well, it’s not really a secret but rather an easy systematic approach as to how individual projects from past Bead&Button issues are coded. Each project is given an Item # that appears under the title of that particular project. For example, lets look at Item...

How chain maille has evolved

Posted 21 days ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
What started as a way for warriors to protect themselves has developed into some stunning jewelry. Instead of rings made from iron, bronze, or steel, jewelry designers use sterling silver, gold, aluminum, titanium, as well as stainless steel to make pieces that look quite different from the chain maille that hung from medieval helmets, which were called an aventail or camail. The chain maille was quite effective at protecting the knights, and today, chain maille techniques make sturdy, s...

Video - catch a glimpse of the 2015 Bead&Button Show!

Posted 29 days ago by Cassie Donlen
Have you ever wondered what it's like to attend the Bead&Button Show? People arrive from all around the world to attend this once-a-year grand event that center around everything bead related. I know photos always fly around the internet during and after the show exhibiting many facets of all the activities that abound here. If you have never had the opportunity to attend, you might be curious to see what all the hype is about. If you have attended, it's always fun to relive the experience, ...

MiniDuo beads

Posted one month ago by Connie W
MiniDuos and original SuperDuos Just when you thought SuperDuos couldn’t get any better, they came out with MiniDuos! They have the same consistent shape as the original SuperDuos, just smaller. The original SuperDuos measure 2.5 x 5 mm and the MiniDuos measure 2 x 4 mm. Try scaling down your favorite designs with them or combining them with the original size for a different look. Find them in bead stores on August 1....

Finding beads in weird places

Posted one month ago by Julia Gerlach
Like any beader, I have found that my beads show up in some strange places from time to time. Couch cushions, of course, the dryer, in my shoes. I even came across a couple of tubes of seed beads in the refrigerator once - I forgot that I tossed them into a bag of leftover food that I promptly put away when I got home. Well, the other day I got home from work to the usual greeting - husband daughter, dog, and two cats. But my cat Steve had a special surprise dangling from his collar - a bag o...

Our mistake = a free beaded bracelet project for you!

Posted one month ago by Julia Gerlach
To state the obvious, technology has made a lot of tasks much easier and faster than they ever were before. In publishing, for instance, text and images used to be created and pasted up in film that was exposed to a photo-sensitive plate. Now, all of it, from file creation to printing plate output, is done electronically. It's much faster than it was 20 years ago and access to computers and software mean more people can engage in the publishing process. Great, right? Well, in most cases, absolut...

From the Bead&Button Show

Posted one month ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
I was not able to attend the show this year, so I have been watching reports coming in from those designers and teachers who did manage to attend. One thing that attracted my attention was a new tama for Kumihimo. The tama is the spool that holds your thread, cording, or beaded thread. Since I use a marudai frequently, this one really caught my eye. What is different about this new tama is that the well where you would wind up your beaded cord is deeper. The tama weighs the same as the regula...

Pastel pipping

Posted one month ago by Kerrie Slade
Nearly a year ago I showed you my experiments with the new Pip™ beads from Preciosa Ornela and just a few months ago I was talking about another new addition to the Preciosa bead family: the Ripple™ bead. These two versatile bead shapes are still firm favourites of mine and I’ve used them a lot in my work so I was particularly excited when I found out that a range of pastel colours were going to be made available. I have to confess that I am not really much of a fash...

2015 Bead Dreams winners

Posted one month ago by BeadandButton.com Staff
Click on images to enlarge. Best in Show, sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads "Fearless" by Andrea Grzabka (California)$1,000 gift certificate Best in Show Runner-Up, sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads"Bouquet for Mime of Cologne" by Alla Maslennikova (Russia)$500 gift certificate People's Choice Award, sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads“Xena” by Monica Vinci (Italy)$500 Gift Certificate 1st Place...

Meet the editors of Bead&Button at the Show and get a cool temporary tattoo!

Posted one month ago by Cassie Donlen
This is it! The time is here, and the official kick off of the Bead&Button Show has begun. Classes have started, and anticipation is mounting for all of the upcoming events this extra long week has to offer. This year, we thought of something fun to do! We love chatting and getting to know our readers and thought a great conversation starter would be to hand out official Bead&Button temporary tattoos for anyone that finds us on the Show Floor, in classes, wandering the halls, hanging ou...

Beading design contests

Posted 2 months ago by Julia Gerlach
Our 2015 BeadDreams competition is nearly complete - winners will be announced next week as we get the exhibit set up for the Bead&Button Show (I can't believe it's almost time!). Be sure to vote for your favorite piece to receive the People's Choice Award. Online and in-person votes at the Show will be tallied on June 6 and the piece with the most votes will win! And don't forget the 2016 contest. Get your creative thinking caps on now and start dreaming up ideas for next year's contest -...

A new clasp in a new bracelet

Posted 2 months ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
Being eager to see what the new Delica clasp would look like on a loomed bracelet, I spent the week designing a pattern with Bead Tool, software that is new to me. I had used The Bead Cellar previously, but with a new computer using Windows v.8.1, that software is no longer available to me. I did notice that Bead Tool does allow you to bring in patterns from The Bead Cellar software, so I have lost nothing of past designed patterns. For this bracelet, I wanted a springtime theme in blue...

A new clasp

Posted 2 months ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
I remember the days when I would loom on a Mirrix loom with Delicas. I used the heddles to weave instead of doing the usual loom stitch, going through the top of the beads pushed up on the warp threads. Then I stumbled upon a loom made only for Delicas, and I started using that. I still had to finish the ends of the beadwork before taking it off the loom, and my method was to continue weaving without beads to make a selvage. I would do this when I began, then I added beads, and then I finished...

Introducing the Bead&Button Show app!

Posted 2 months ago by Cassie Donlen
We have an app for that! We are excited to announce the first-ever Bead&Button show app designed for both Apple and Android devices. Yes, this is most certainly big news! The app is designed to look best on phones, but it works perfectly on tablets too! Here is the scoop. The app is FREE and offers simple navigation to help Show attendees get all the information they need about Show events, FAQs, schedules, exhibitors, dining, and more. If you are taking any classes, the app allows you t...

Designer's notes – Bluebell Wood

Posted 2 months ago by Kerrie Slade
It’s a sad fact that no matter how vigorously we work with our needles and thread, beading is never going to burn many calories. So in an effort to shake off the dreaded ‘Beader’s Butt’ that has begun to creep up on me, I have recently started a fitness campaign. I’m a little shy at the best of times, therefore there is no way I am ready to run through the streets of my home town dressed in neon Lycra, red faced and gasping for breath, so I have been doing som...

2016 Bead-it-Forward theme

Posted 2 months ago by Connie W
The new Bead-it-Forward theme for 2016 is Space: Out there somewhere, there’s a cure. Start thinking now for that out-of this-world design for next year’s theme. In the meantime, visit the Bead-It-Forward website to take a look at the gallery of squares from this year and watch for updates on how they are being used....

BeadDreams 2015

Posted 2 months ago by Julia Gerlach
It's almost time for the Bead&Button Show, which means lots of great beady classes, shopping, and socializing. It also means the 2015 BeadDreams exhibit will be on display! BeadDreams is our annual contest celebrating bead artistry and each year it attracts entries from around the globe. Once again, we have an amazing lineup of finalists, so the display at the show will be fabulous. If you're coming to the show next month, make sure you stop by the BeadDreams exhibit, which will be in the ...

Free project for subscribers

Posted 2 months ago by Julia Gerlach
In each magazine issue, we always show readers what is coming up in the next B&B Extra, our bonus online publication for subscribers, which brings you four to five more projects every other month. Well, in the April issue of Bead&Button, we showed a photo of this lovely bracelet by Lorraine Coetzee, as it was scheduled to be in the April B&B Extra. Well, you may have noticed that is was not in that issue when we published it. This has never happened to us before, but we simply hit...

The best thing about beading

Posted 2 months ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
The best thing about beading is the people. Beaders are the most generous, kind, sharing group of people that I know. Sure, there are times in the online beading groups that arguments rise come to the surface, but it’s not a common thing. One of the most enjoyable things that I have done in regards to beading was to go to bead retreats. Here my fellow beaders and friends show on which type of work they are focusing, and share the latest tips and tools. Last week I had the pleasure o...

How to choose the right size beading needle

Posted 2 months ago by Cassie Donlen
If you were to ask an open ended question to fellow beaders about which beading needle is their first choice, you might as well grab a coffee or tea as it could potentially lead to a long chatty discussion. Not only do the various bead sizes of a project play into hand when choosing the perfect needle for the job, so do the brand and needle length. I kind of liken needle preference to the common question—Are you an Apple or Android person? Just as the answer to a preferred cellular operati...

4 ways to use yellow in summer jewelry

Posted 3 months ago by Mortira vanPelt
Few bead colors are as eye catching and vibrant as yellow. Whether it’s the sparkly citrine of a great Swarovski crystal component, or a pop of canary Czech glass, a little yellow can work wonders for the uplifting or youthful quality of a design. Spring and summer inspired designs are the perfect place to showcase your favorite beads in yellow, as they match the sunny disposition that a change to warmer weather can bring. Here are just a few palette ideas for adding a dash of yell...

Celebrate spring by stitching up some flowers.

Posted 3 months ago by Cassie Donlen
Signs of spring are finally starting to show here in Wisconsin. Which means it is finally starting to warm up! Ours flowers and trees aren’t quite blooming yet, but it shouldn’t be long now. YAY! In the mean time, I thought I would share some of my favorite floral theme projects from previous Bead&Button issues. This downloadable retro daisies bracelet by Janice Chatham always makes me think of early summer.   I Love this downloadable Bead intuitive project by Conni...

Tools are getting better all the time

Posted 3 months ago by Dr. Gail H. Devoid
Looking at new tools is one pass time that I really enjoy. As new innovations are made, early adopters take hold of new things, modify them if they can improve upon them, and then spread the word on how they are being used. I did a blog on the Conetastic a while back, and since that time, new mandrels have been suggested, manufactured, and are now available to use with that handy tool. The first set of mandrels puts the hole in the mandrel at the other end from the original one. This makes...

Garden beading

Posted 3 months ago by Kerrie Slade
I’m sitting writing this blog in my little garden in the heart of England wearing just jeans and a T-shirt. It’s seemed like a very long winter this year, but there’s suddenly been a marked shift in the weather and today the temperature has hit a high of 18°C after a week of 5°C or less. Today is the first time in over six months that we’ve set foot outside the house without being bundled up in coats, gloves, scarves and boots and being able to finally shed ...

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