Different wire working techniques

on Monday, July 14, 2014

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I can remember the first time that I saw someone’s wire working on a pendant. I had been seed beading for about three months and had learned how to make simple loops well enough to do earrings. But when I saw this fancy wire working I thought to myself, “I never will be able to do that!” Well, I was wrong.

I took some time to research how a wrapped loop was made and took the advice in one article that said before I would be able to do them nicely I was going to have to practice, practice, practice. And practice I did! This allowed me to learn the properties of sterling silver wire and gold filled wire. Before I knew it, I was doing some pretty nice wire wrapped loops to go along with my seed beading (Figure 1).

But wire working goes beyond making simple loops and wire wrapped loops. I was so afraid I would mess up the wire that I decided to take some classes at the Bead and Button Show. I knew that if I sat in a class with the wire in front of me, and the teacher right there, that I was going to attempt wire wrapping a cabochon. In 2012, I took Irina Miech’s Stone-Wrapping Boot Camp, and I overcame my fear. Not only that, I walked out of that class with some pretty nice wire wrapped cabochons (Figure 2, 3).

With my fear gone, I went on to try several different wire working techniques. One of them was coiling, and another one was Viking knit. Stephanie Eddy showed me how to use her Viking knit tool while I was at one of the Bead and Button Shows. I had bought it the year before but hadn’t done anything because of that silly fear I had that I was going to mess up the wire. But she took the time to show me how the tool was used to start a Viking knit, and I bought her book. I left the show determined that I was going to learn how to do this too. And I did (Figure 4). This pair of earrings has not only a wrapped loop, but also coiling and Viking knit. The accent bead is from Cousin Corporation of America and was a beautiful Trinkettes® to use.

These days I have very few fears left when it comes to beading and jewelry making. I know that if there is something that is stopping me from doing what I want to do, that there is probably a class at The Bead and Button Show that I can take.

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