The Bead-It-Forward journey

on Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bead-It-Forward square submission.

Bead-It-Forward square submission.

Bead-It-Forward square submission.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who sent in squares for the 2014 Bead-It-Forward project! Your thoughtful, funny, hopeful, and adorable beaded contributions have touched our hearts. But that is only the beginning. Here's the journey your squares will go on now that they're in our offices:

  • Say "hello" to Lora: Our editorial assistant, Lora, assigns each square a number and enters them into a spreadsheet. As of this typing, she's logged 1,131 squares -- and there are still plenty more waiting their turn!
  • Smile pretty for Claire and Julia: Editor Julia Gerlach and her daughter, Claire, spend their weekends photographing each square.
  • Time to go live: Photographed squares make their appearance in our online gallery of Bead-It-Forward squares. Please be patient as you wait for yours to show up! Uploading the photos takes a great deal of time.
  • Hunt and gather: All of us on the staff of Bead&Button have been amassing supplies to turn the Bead-It-Forward squares into works of art. Julia seems to know just where to find shadowboxes, Connie's enlisted the help of our local JoAnn fabric and craft store, and Jane and Lora are going through their stashes of beads and ribbons. What have I been up to? I'm preparing squares to be attached to quilts, which are once again courtesy of the Warm Hugs Quilt Group of Hales Corners, Wisconsin.
  • Bring your friends: Now we're organizing two "assembly nights" for local volunteers to help us assemble those shadowboxes and quilts, as well as ornaments, cards, and who knows what else! Leave a comment below if you're in the metro Milwaukee area and would like to help!

So as you can see, your Bead-It-Forward squares have been busy these past few weeks. And rightly so! The Bead&Button Show is right around the corner, and there we'll auction the Bead-It-Forward items to benefit breast cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Sadly, this will be the last year Bead&Button hosts the Bead-It-Forward project, but we'd love to "pass the baton" if there's a group out there willing to take it on!

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