Three favorite seed beads

Posted by Jane Cruz
on Friday, March 07, 2014

I love this 15/0 seed bead from Toho. The color is called permanent finish galvanized aluminum.
This is my last tube of Toho starlight beads. Since I found two empty tubes I'm going to have to get another tube soon! Darn, I guess I'll have to run out to the bead store.
I use a lot of these bronze seed beads, both in 11/0 and 15/0 sizes.

Today I was cleaning off my very messy desk since I will be on vacation next week and my office looks like a tornado ran through a bead store. Under the layers of half-finished beading projects and illustrations, I found a handful of empty seed bead tubes and another handful of almost-empty tubes. I noticed that most of them were one of three colors: silver, gold, and bronze. After a little more digging, I realized that I seem to have developed three favorite seed bead colors without even realizing it: #558, permanent finish galvanized aluminum; #457 metallic dark bronze; and #557, permanent finish galvanized starlight.

I combined the stragglers in each number into a single tube so I think I have enough of my favorites to tide me over for the next month. But then again, I just might pick up another tube of each just to have a spare on hand!

What's your favorite color of seed beads and how many tubes of it do you have in your stash at any one time?


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