3 bead lessons I learned in 2013

Posted by Julia Gerlach
on Thursday, January 30, 2014

This is a blog I've been meaning to write since the end of 2013 - after all, that is the normal time for reflecting on the year gone by. But one thing after another has cropped up these past couple of weeks, and here it is the end of January already! So before I waste any more time, here are three things I learned as a result of beading last year!

How do you go from this...

...to this? Cook your beadwork in a toaster oven!

1. Fireline disintegrates in heat

OK, here's the story. I used Fireline (as I often do, because I love Fireline) to stitch beads to a domed component. I then backed the component with polymer clay to hide the stitching, and I put it in the toaster oven to cure. In retrospect, I realize there were probably at least three better ways to finish my project, but this seemed to make sense at the time. Anyway, when I removed the piece from the toaster oven 10 minutes later, it was just a pile of beads with no thread holding them together! So I guess next time I stitch something that I don't like, instead of taking the time to pick out the thread, I'll just toss it in the toaster oven.

2. If you have steel shot in your purse, you won't get through security

I enjoy wirework as much as I like stitching, so I have a tumbler that I sometimes use to shine up my wire jewelry. One day after allowing my shot to dry, I was returning it to the drum and I spilled a bunch of it all over my kitchen table and into my purse. Since separating 100 little pieces of metal from gum wrappers, pens, and sticky pads is just about the last thing I would ever want to do, I conveniently forgot that the shot was in my purse until I had to go through security. Let's just say I didn't breeze through.

3. Drop? Stop — don't roll

My office chair is lovely. It is comfortable and wheels around so I can easily get at different things in my office. But I bead in my office, and sometimes I drop my beadwork. On the floor. Right by the very hard wheels of my lovely chair. Cut to the chase - if you drop your beadwork anywhere near a chair with wheels, stop and DO NOT MOVE until you have located the missing piece and can navigate your chair away it.

2013 was a good year in which I learned that I do all sorts of stupid things. But, hey - I only do them once! Here's to a happy and successful 2014. May you learn from my mistakes!

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