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Top 10 tools: Chosen by you!

Posted 4 days ago by Danielle Barr
Art Jewelry is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the November 2014 issue! In honor of our birthday, some of the leading names in the jewelry field made brand-new pieces, like the one pictured to the right. Can you guess who the artist is? In addition, we're starting a bunch of festivities early to celebrate our anniversary. Each week, we will ask our Facebook audience to share their "top 10" lists with us, based on a variety of topics. Head to Facebook and join in on the fun. ...

Enter our photo contest!

Posted 6 days ago by Danielle Barr
The November issue of Art Jewelry will mark our 10th anniversary, and we want you to celebrate with us! From now until September 2, we want you to submit your favorite piece of jewelry that you have designed and created in the last 10 years in our 10th Anniversary Photo Contest. It can be anything! We want to see your best. Then, starting September 3, come back and vote for your favorite photo — and encourage your friends to do the same. We will select two winners —...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: June 2014

Posted 10 days ago by Theresa D Abelew
It's finally summer around here and short sleeves have gained some serious ground in the wardrobe rotation, which is perfect for showcasing new bracelet and cuff projects. And if you are like me, bracelets are a great way to direct attention away from my usual farmers tan, or worse the road-trip-one-arm-on-the-windowsill tan. It looks like many of our readers are on the same wavelength, since so many of our top 10 projects downloaded from the Art Jewelry store in June focus on bra...

Counting down to the big 1-0!

Posted 11 days ago by Hazel Wheaton
It’s nearly impossible for me to believe, but with November 2014 issue, Art Jewelry magazine will celebrate its 10th anniversary. We’ve got a lot planned for the issue, and we’ll also be reaching out through our website, newsletter (sign up here), and Facebook page to get all our readers (and hoped-for readers!) involved as well. Watch for our upcoming photo contest, the ongoing series of “Top 10” questions on our Facebook page (the first of which went live yest...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: May 2014

Posted one month ago by Theresa D Abelew
The top ten list of downloaded projects from May 2014 covers a wide projects and techniques in metal, wire, metal clay, enamel, polymer clay, and even leather! Check out these top 10 projects downloaded from the Art Jewelry store during May 2014. If you don't see the technique, ring, cuff, earrings, bracelet or jewelry style of your dreams below be sure to peruse the rest of the 400+ jewelry projects, and techniques available in our online store. —Theresa D. Abelew M...

Joining the Art Jewelry Team

Posted one month ago by Rachel C. Frye
Let me first start out with an introduction; I joined the Art Jewelry team in May of 2014 as the new Editorial Assistant. I am meeting so many new people and definitely enjoying the perks of the job. Did you know we have our own Studio? Pretty exciting! I am looking forward to settling in and being able to start experimenting with our exceptional collection of tools in the not-so-distant future.  Every day is different and I get to learn new tricks; which is exactly how I like it. Over...

Jewelry by Ulli Kaiser

Posted one month ago by Susan Lomuto
Gemstones, vintage beads and silver add drama and color to Ulli Kaiser’s contemporary jewelry. The artist, who is influenced by an interest in bookbinding, Asian jewelry and textile techniques, taught herself bead crochet, eventually adding silver elements to the designs – a move that opened new opportunities to combine color, shape and technique. Born and raised in Austria, Kaiser spent many years in Hong Kong after college before settling in England where she maint...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: April 2014

Posted one month ago by Theresa D Abelew
Two "Set Up Your Studio" articles made the top 10 list for April. So, I'm sure April was filled with lots of studio "spring cleaning," (otherwise known around my house as, "spring best-of-intentions-but-will-never-be-finished-since-there-is-a-toddler-living-here cleaning"). Hopefully, we'll be seeing new work coming out of those updated photography and metals studios soon! Check out these top 10 projects downloaded from the Art Jewelry store during April 2014. If you don't see the...

Collaborate: Friends in the Making

Posted 2 months ago by Brenda Schweder
Can you imagine what can happen between artists when they come together to create jewelry works? That's exactly what my latest endeavor, Collaborate: Friends in the Making, is all about. The project focuses on 32 artists that partner with me to make jewelry works that pair their chosen mediums—every medium from photography and knitting, to clay, beads, metal, wood, glass and alternate materials—with my edgy style and chosen material: dark annealed steel wire. The project will come...

IPCA 2014 Retreat Workshops

Posted 2 months ago by apennington
The IPCA’s (International Polymer Clay Association) 2014 Retreat, “Arches: Building Clay Connections,” is being held August 21–24 in Columbus, Ohio. They are also offering pre-conference workshops August 19–20! One of the instructors, retreat Guest Artist and Art Jewelry contributor Helen Breil, will be giving two workshops before the retreat, and they look great! One of the projects she’s teaching is based on her eBook and her project “Manipulating...

Driftwood jewelry by Nina Morrow

Posted 2 months ago by Susan Lomuto
I have an obsession with things that wash up on the shore. My collection of driftwood, large and small, likely rivals some people’s collection of music, or jewelry. One day I will do more than cherish the hunt, gather the gifts, experiment with the stash. Nina Morrow is way ahead of me. She shapes, burns and colors driftwood pieces into jewelry that is at once bold, playful and organic. It was love at first sight. Morrow uses bleached cottonwood that she finds along the banks of th...

Faux Reticulation

Posted 2 months ago by Melissa Cable
I love the look of reticulated metal. The rippled texture that covers the surface of the metal is different every time, and while not a difficult process, it is a practice in patience. The technique involves heating silver or gold to convert the surface copper to copper oxide. The metal is then pickled to remove the copper oxide and the process is repeated a half dozen times. This is called depletion gilding, and once the oxides no longer form, the metal is ready to be reticulated by heati...

Leather design challenge

Posted 2 months ago by Danielle Barr
In the upcoming July issue, Karen J. Lauseng shows you how to turn simple leather and wire into a beautifully textured cuff. We have some fantastic leather samples donated by Random Twigs to the Art Jewelry studio that we think would make some great projects. We'll be choosing 10 subscribers who will each receive two different samples to make their jewelry creations. Their pieces will then be photographed here in house and featured in their own online gallery. If you would like the chanc...

Mother's Day jewelry

Posted 2 months ago by Danielle Barr
Mother's Day is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to put your jewelry making skills to use by creating a handmade piece for mom. Whether you're new to jewelry making, crunched for time, or simply in need of a unique gift idea, we rounded up a few ideas below to get you started. If you're still stumped, browse through all of our projects. What will you make? In this beginner project, you'll learn how to make an adjustable wire ring that can comfortably accommodate up to four ring s...

Free admission to the Bead&Button Show

Posted 3 months ago by Danielle Barr
It's true! For the first time ever, we're offering free admission to this year's shopping event at the Bead&Button Show, June 8-9 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Bead&Jewelry Marketplace is a weekend shopping experience, open to the public, that is designed for those interested in buying artisan-crafted finished jewelry, beads, gemstones, findings, components, accessories and much more. You'll find hundreds of vendors from all over the world and more than a billion beads at the Market...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: March 2014

Posted 3 months ago by Theresa D Abelew
March was an interesting month for downloading projects. Our eclectic top ten list covers projects and techniques in metal, wire, metal clay, enamel, polymer, and even photography! Check out these top 10 projects downloaded from the Art Jewelry store during March 2014. If you don't see the technique, ring, cuff, earrings, bracelet or jewelry style of your dreams below be sure to peruse the rest of the 400+ jewelry projects, and techniques available in our online store. &mdash...

Creative Play

Posted 3 months ago by Theresa D Abelew
Some of you may have read Annie's blog about our recent foray into the world of woodturning. It was a blast and I love my new pen and other woodturning project. (Stay tuned for Annie's next blog post for details & more photos!) But there are still many more hobbies I'd like to try before settling on one and investing in new equipment for my already over-crowded studio space. Luckily, I have creative friends who are adventurous and willing to test out new hobbies with me. Last month...

Happy 80th birthday, Kalmbach Publishing!

Posted 4 months ago by apennington
Last week, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of our parent company, Kalmbach Publishing Co. That's quite a reason to celebrate! Kalmbach treated everyone in the company to an afternoon of beverages, fancy appetizers, and desserts — and time to socialize and step away from our desks for a while. We all enjoyed the break and the slideshow of KPC history. Speaking of anniversaries, this year marks Art Jewelry's 10th year! So stay tuned … we've got a lot in store for you as we ...

Green jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

Posted 4 months ago by Danielle Barr
A holiday is always a good excuse to show off your most festive jewelry. We've rounded up some of our FREE projects that incorporate the color green. In the first project, Ladder bracelet, you'll combine easy techniques from metal clay, wireworking, and chain making to build a bracelet one step at a time. It's perfect for beginners and showcases gemstone beads. In the second, Peacock Cloisonne, you'll add a dose of color to your wardrobe with this brightly hued enamel pendant. Desig...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: February 2014

Posted 4 months ago by Theresa D Abelew
It's been a frigid February around Art Jewelry HQ. Since we are in the Midwest the "hot" topics were generally about the weather, ever expanding potholes during the morning commute, and the dreaded Polar Vortex. Short of my wedding ring all my metal jewelry was swapped out for warmer accessories like scarves, shawls, and anything with a plug-in heater. But I'm guessing by the amount of wire projects downloaded in February we have readers with really great furnaces or are smart enough to avoid wi...

Introducing the new ArtJewelryMag.com

Posted 5 months ago by Hazel Wheaton
It’s finally here – our new website! We spent weeks researching and talking about Art Jewelry readers, and then proceeded to tear the site apart and reorganize it with you in mind. We’ve simplified our navigation system to make it easier to find what you’re looking for in whatever medium you prefer, and we’ve revamped our search function so that you can refine your results as you go. Plus, if you register on the site (it’s free!), you can access exclusive v...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: January 2014

Posted 5 months ago by Theresa D Abelew
Art Jewelry readers are starting off 2014 with an eclectic array of project choices. The top projects downloaded during January swing from electroforming, to casting, to photography, to metalsmithing, to chain mail, to... (whew!) you get the idea. Check out these top 10 projects downloaded from the Art Jewelry store during January 2014. If you don't see the technique, ring, cuff, earrings, bracelet or jewelry style of your dreams below be sure to peruse the rest of the 400+ jewelr...

Getting over intimidation in the studio

Posted 5 months ago by Reidin Dintzner
Often, we who work at Art Jewelry hear this statement: "I wish I could make jewelry like you do." This doesn't mean that they can't, it just means that they haven't had the opportunity to learn all the same techniques and play with metal that we have. Well, for 2014, one of my main resolutions was that I am going to get into the studio more often to create things, and I figured I'd make it everyone's resolution for a day! So I sent out an invitation to several of the people who support Art...

Important changes coming to the Art Jewelry website

Posted 5 months ago by Danielle Barr
Get ready! Changes are coming to Art Jewelry – a new website! With this change, we’re going to have some changes with our forums. We will still have one forum open for any questions you may have for us, but the others will be completely removed with the new site launch, by the end of February. What this means for you: Any previous forum posts, comments and interactions will no longer be accessible. If you are interested in any tips, threads or conversations you had wi...

Making pens with a lathe

Posted 6 months ago by apennington
Well, it happened again: I think I found a new hobby. This past weekend, Theresa Abelew, my boyfriend (John Scott), and I took a woodturning class at Rockler, a fine-woodworking shop in Milwaukee. Our class was a 4-hour introduction to the lathe, and we each left with our own handmade Slimline Stylus/Pen. Now, that’s what I call a well-spent Sunday afternoon! (The pen with the three bumps is Theresa's, mine is the one with the flared end, and John's is the one with the single finger gro...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: December 2013

Posted 6 months ago by Theresa D Abelew
Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. A year filled with hopes, dreams and aspirations of a sparkling clean, fully-stocked and organized studio. Ok, so really I'd settle for a sorta-clean-with-a-few-more-shelves studio. I even have the shelves, I just have to apply one last coat of sealer, charge my power drill, find my big level, and hang them — sigh... It appears that some of our metalsmith artists/readers are better at studio management than I am. Or perhaps this round of to...

Happy Holidays from the staff of Art Jewelry magazine!

Posted 7 months ago by Hazel Wheaton
This year, the good people at the Oxford Dictionary Online chose "Selfie" as their word of the year for 2013. If you don't know already, a selfie is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Our in-house photographer, Bill Zuback, came up with a fun idea — to shoot the AJ staff taking a selfie, which then became a photo, which we then printed out and used as our holiday card. S...

Most Popular Jewelry Projects: November 2013

Posted 7 months ago by Theresa D Abelew
Some of the smartest people I know are considered "the creative-type." And after reviewing the top PDF downloads in November it only strengthens my theory. After all, what better way to beat the cold than curled up with a hot torch in a cozy studio completing a new metals project? Here are the top 10 PDFs downloaded from the Art Jewelry store during November 2013. If you don't see the ring, cuff, earrings, bracelet or jewelry style of your dreams below be sure to peruse the rest ...

Society of North American Goldsmiths holiday jewelry sale!

Posted 8 months ago by Hazel Wheaton
This year, the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), is holding a holiday sale. The event, titled "Uniques," will feature pieces (both jewelry and small objects) by SNAG members, and run December 2-16. I'm torn about whether this is a good thing, or a bad thing. On the one hand, it's a great way to shop for gifts -- all those beautiful pieces of jewelry by talented artisans that you might never see in a store near you. On the other hand... wait. What was the other hand? Oh, right....

Hone your skills to get over creative block

Posted 8 months ago by apennington
We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished your last big show of the year, and you actually have no impending deadlines, for once…it’s a strange feeling, right? You go down to your studio (I happen to be a basement dweller), sit down at your bench, and…nothing. It’s like after that final deadline has passed, your brain decided it was time for your creativity to hibernate for a little while. What do you do to get over this hump?  It happens to all of ...

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